At the heart of sustainable development, organic production and processing is regulated by European regulations, with the aim of respecting the environment, biodiversity and animal welfare, hence its quality. In France, three levels of authorisation are required for a plant protection product to be used in organic farming:

    • the active substance of the product must be on the positive list of active ingredients that may be used in plant protection products in Europe (Implementing Regulation No 540/2011 of 25/05/2011);
    • the active substance must also be included in Annex II to the specifications for organic farming (EC Regulation No 889/2008);
    • the product containing the active substance must also have been authorised in the national territory (Marketing authorisation).

We have selected for you a range of products that meet all these criteria which should be of great help to you, such as naturen (Fertiligen), Naturasol (Algoflash) or Or Brun

1-Biological treatment and protection of the garden and the house: organic plant protection products
2-earths, growing supports and natural mulch: Earth, earths, pine bark, mulching, pouzzolane, clay balls, OVI 4G, Peat, Horse manure, crushed migon, Humoribo
3-Biological control: pheromones (nematodes, beech borer, Ver de la Cerise, Ver de l’Olivier, citrus miner, mealy scales) to keep in the refrigerator.
4-rainwater recuperator: The nursery offers a rainwater recuperator pot to limit waste and preserve the environment
5-Composting: Compost Activator, lombricompost

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