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More than 25 years at your service

Gift wrapping

Our checkout operators can giftwrap your purchases:birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother/Father/Grandmother’s Day, Easter, Labour Day (lily of the valley),All Saints’ Day, Christmas

Packaging Solution

Our sales assistants pack your plants with cellophane in order not to damage them during transport

Nothing to carry

Our salespeople can help you load your plants and/or products too heavy in to your vehicle

Loyalty Card

Our Loyalty Card is free, with no expiry date, valid throughout the store and the entire nursery After each purchase a box is ticked and after 7 purchases you receive a 5% discount on your 8th purchase)

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available at the cashier’s desk, allowing you to indulge all those who love nature and to decorate their home or garden. We offer great features which make ideal gifts at all times. We also offer a wide range of plants or products as corporate gifts. The amount on your voucher is not limited, is valid for 1 year,can be used on one or more occasions, within the limit of its value, and can be completed by any other means of payment of your choice (minimum purchase order amount: €8.00). If the amount of the purchase is less than the value on the voucher, the balance remains usable until its the expiry date. The gift certificate may not be exchanged, resold, refunded, even partially, or replaced in the event of loss or theft.

Plants diagnosis

In order to be able to make a verbal diagnosis, we need photos of your plant to identify the disease and to offer you the best treatment: a use of phytosanitary products such as Bordeaux porridge, anti-caterpillar, anti-disease etc. To do this, we have several product lines including 3 BIOs: naturen, Naturasol, Or Brun.

Golf cart

We can take you around in a cart!
In order to best organize your plant selection, to schedule a delivery or even a quote, a salesman picks you up at the reception desk and takes you to the greenhouses.
*Please note that this cart is primarily intended for seniors or persons with disabilities who have a priority.


The nursery offers free parking, and there are parking spaces for people with reduced mobility and they can be assisted with our electric cart. We also have adapted services for toilets.


We offer 3 delivery packages:

– Delivery in a Light vehicle: plants or accessories delivered by a delivery agent
– Delivery in a Vehicle 3.5 tonnes: larger vehicle for plants smaller than 3 metres
– Delivery in a 19-ton vehicle: truck accompanied by a telescopic arm that lifts extremely heavy plants, larger than 3 meters

Please note that this is a package, you can load the vehicle to its maximum capacity and you will pay the same price. Delivery is paid in addition to your purchases. Within the limit of the places available.

Landscaping service

We offer a landscaping service for large-scale construction sites. In fact, one of our experts can travel to the site to identify the exposure, the quality of the soils and the usable surfaces of your terrain. If necessary, it can carry out landscaping work on a plan to better visualize the vegetation palette and the arrangement of trees and shrubs. They can also draw up an automatic watering system to ensure the quantity of water needed so that the plants keep fresh and adapt more easily to the location.
There is a charge for this service.

Our collections

Pets and equipment

Croquettes, sweets, leashes, harnesses, cushioning, toys, transport cages, bedding…

Plants production products

We have everything you need to treat the worst pests: insecticides, fungicides, larvicides, pheromone traps.

Garden maintenance

Watering, cutting, fertilizer

Soils and composts

Land and soil of all kinds for all your plants, usable in organic agriculture

Gravel and mulching

Pebbles of different sizes and colors, Stone stones, white marble pebbles

Grains, seeds et bulbs

Flowers, vegetables, fruit, and bird food

Pots and containers

Various materials: plastic, wood, resin, enamelled terracotta, terracotta, fiber

Artificial Indoor plants

For those who do not have a green hand but who dream of decorating their interior, we offer flowers, grasses and artificial green plants

Special plants

We offer you original bonsai, fatty plants rarely seen before, and beautiful palm trees from our beautiful French Riviera

Sun powered indoor and outdoor light fittings

Discover all our ranges of light fittings in a variety of forms: decorative, animal, oriental

Concepstore: garden and home decoration

We have decoration for all tastes: from windmills to chimes and straw animals

Decorative candles

Decorative candles


Quality is our spirit