Planting according to period

To help you, we have created a planting and maintenance schedule for your plants, flowers and trees.

planting calendar

Gift voucher / Offer a rare plant

Need a gift idea ? You can offer:

1. A gift certificate of your choice (starting at 8,00€)
2. A rare or original plant: bonzaï, fatty plant, carnivorous
3. A sculptural plant: boxwood, Ligustrum, topiary, bonzaï

Fashion and news advice

In decoration, plants also benefit from fashion effects! If succulents and cacti are still so trendy in our interiors, other plants are also victims of their success, to our greatest pleasure!

The most popular plants on Instagram:
1. The Pilea
2. The Cactus
3. The Chain of Hearts
4. The Sanseveria
5. The Aloe vera

Process of planting

For planting, it is first necessary to know the area to be planted, the species selected, the environmental conditions, the terrain and topography as well as the infrastructure.

There are three modalities for planting techniques:
1 – Planting in the middle: cutting and reforestation on a large surface
2 – Planting in strips: razor cut with intact strips of the initial stand
3 – Hole planting: clean cutting of moderate surfaces